Collection 01 // Building, stacking

Seating in China
Michael Wolf
Nele Bergmans
Standing Tall, catching wind
Nele Bergmans
Cy Twombly
Nele Bergmans
Brimham Rocks
photograph, 2022
Brimham Rocks
Nele Bergmans
Postcard collection
Nele Bergmans
Beach Cairn
Andy Goldsworthy
Clay sculptures
Nele Bergmans
Lay me down
Nele Bergmans
Forest of Okukuji
Nobuo Sekine
Rein Dufait
Three flowers on colmuns
Nele Bergmans
photographed by Isamu Noguchi
Paul Gees
At Night We Were Dreaming
Nele Bergmans

Collection 02 // Arranging, positioning

Stone Circle
Tony Cragg
Nele Bergmans
Zen gardens
Daisen-in Temple
Still Life
Ai weiwei
Nele Bergmans, drypoint, 2022
Nwt (also Nut, Nunut, Nent, Nuit)
from The Dawn of Astronomy, J. Norman Lockyer
Silent matter
Alicja Kwade
Assemblies of Stones
Nele Bergmans, 2023
Nele Bergmans, 2022
Connemara Sculpture
Richard Long
Nele Bergmans, 2022
Remnant II
Babs Decruyenaere
Nele Bergmans
Nele Bergmans
Gillies Adamson Semple
Things that Touch on Feelings
Nele Bergmans
There Were Days We Roamed the Earth
Nele Bergmans

Collection 03 // Object presence, beauty

Nele Bergmans, Cyanotype on Somerset paper, 2022
Vinculum II
Eva Hesse, Latex on metal screening stapled to wire with vinyl tubing, 297 x 5.8 x 293 cm, 1969
Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
Ansel Adams
Mammoth Hot Spring, Yellowstone
William H Jackson; 1871
Significant Form, (Group Four)
Tacita Dean, 2021
Artforms in the Plant World
Karl Blossfeldt
What I Saw
Nic Wilson
La Palma, 2014
Wolfgang Tillmans
Three flowers on colmuns
Nele Bergmans, bronze, plaster, hesian, 2022
Letter to a Young Poet
Rainer Maria Rilke
Liths at Peer Gallery 2023
Tanoa Sasraku
Danh Vo
Nele Bergmans

Collection 04 // Holding, Folding

Photograph by
Hana Miletic
Hana Miletic
Installation view at Xavier Hufkens
Danh Vo
Confessions to Myself
Barbara Chase-Riboud
Marina Abakanowicz
Eva Hesse
Nele Bergmans
Slate Graduate Show 2022 Exhibition
Gillies Adamson Semple
Nele Bergmans

Collection 05 // Assembling

Jeux de mains
Cécile  Poimbœuf-Koizumi & Stephen Ellcock
Significant Forms, Group Three
Tacita Dean
Mnemosyne  Atlas
Aby Warburg
Studio  photograph
Femmy Otten
Things That Touch On Feelings
Nele Bergmans
Images in Kant’s Critique of the Power of Judgment
Andrea Buttner
A  Journey of Things
Magdalene  Odundo
New  world order
Jacob S  Clayton
Triple  Headed Figure
Ramesh  Mario Nithiyendran
He Who  Walks Behind The Rows
Sharon  Van Overmeiren

Artist Statement

My work is focussed on the act of catching something, a way of learning to see: what is this object present here; what is this beauty I experience through it?
      It is the discovery that this wonderful world has beauty in it, and that it is right there, in front of our eyes. It is in all the small relationships we come across in daily life; it is the sensation you get when the light hits at 16:10 and then at 16:15. It is the sharp one and the blurry one. It’s the visual and the visceral experience. They all matter; it’s all of them. They are all objects. They are all feelings.
      It is a deeply humane response to seeing something, an unconscious universal memory that can’t manifest itself in words.

In my work, I use the acts of building and stacking. These very primitive and instinctive actions allow me to draw from a world of notions that deal with materiality: balance, scale, composition, and fragility. But eventually, they can only transcend the practicalities of daily life when the way they are positioned or arranged somehow opens a door; to ancient connotations or our experiences and memories. A poeticness established by how things meet.

I work with drawings and prints to explore these subjects. Once matured, these drawings find their way into sculptures.
      I use natural materials like stone, plaster, and bronze, working with them in an ‘honest’ way. By this, I mean that the shape of the works flows from the language of the material, its form is not manipulated, and the techniques used to make the work are the most basic and intuitive.